Welcome to Chrystaline Dreams

We are drawn to crystals for a reason. They come to us in times of need, or just to bring some good vibrations to our day. No matter the occasion everyone can agree that crystals are a passion. 

From tumbles to clusters we aim to provide only the best quality ethically sourced pieces at a reasonable price.

Intuitively Chosen

All of our crystals will either be intuitively chosen for you; or you receive the actual crystal pictured. This will be stated in the descriptions on each product page.

At Chrystaline Dreams we believe crystals are beautiful in their true natural form. Because of this all of our crystals have been photographed both in a shaded outdoor environment and a light box with basic camera settings to depict colours as accurately and truly as possible. No photoshop or editing programs are ever used.

Featured Products

Labradorite Freeform 155gLabradorite Freeform 155g
Pyrite Cluster MediumPyrite Cluster Medium
Apatite Sphere - Chrystaline Dreams Apatite Sphere - Chrystaline Dreams

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